We’ve Built Hundreds

We’ve Built Hundreds

of Lasting Relationships


Kretek International is America’s number one Importer, Marketer and Distributor of Specialty Tobacco Products

Kretek has built on a tradition of quality and is proud to extend that tradition to its many customers across the United States and Canada.

Djarum continues to stand out in the market in all channels, selling more than 256 million sticks within the past 12 months at over 83,000 retail locations, such as Walmart and Walgreens. Its rich aroma and smoothness make it irresistible to consumers, boosting it to the second highest c-store cigar brand in dollars per unit.

As the marketplace evolves, many consumers are seeking alternatives. Kretek focuses on innovation to deliver high-margin products preferred by consumers and has generated great success with its vaping products through its diverse line of Voodoo E-Hookahs, Voodoo E-Pens, Voodoo E-Liquids and EZ Cig Blue Label Universal Cartomizers.

The success of our new and existing brands is the foundation on which we’ve built hundreds of lasting customer relationships. The future of Kretek continues to look bright because of the relationships we have built with you — our valued customer — over the last three decades. All of us at Kretek thank you for your continued support and trust, and look forward to growing with you in the future.